Our Philosophy

Voice disorders arise from issues within these five inter-related essential components:

Management requires consideration, evaluation and care of each component. At Voice Connection we believe that the most effective treatment recognises the need to treat the whole person and empowers the individual to become actively involved in their healing.

As a team we assess and examine people with vocal difficulties. This includes using written evaluation of the individual’s voice with the Voice Handicap Index (VHI), history taking and clinical examination.  We use a fine fibreoptic telescope (laryngoscopy and stroboscopy) through the nose in order to see and record your voice box (larynx) whilst speaking or singing. You will be able to watch the monitor screen if you wish and take a recording home with you.

We are able to create a management plan for you, the individual, to enable you to regain your true voice. This encompasses many varieties of people from housewives and mothers, teachers, lectures, lawyers, business people as well as all levels of performer and singer from stage and screen.

For a very small number this involves laryngeal microsurgery for treatment of vocal fold cyst, polyp, papillomata or vocal fold paralysis.

What makes us unique?



Provision of a holistic healing environment that actively engages and empowers the individual.



Awareness of the fundamental importance of the voice as an expression of the whole self for everyone. Furthermore, we are sensitive to the needs of singers, actors and public speakers.



Acceptance of the four co-factors of vocal skill, vocal usage and lifestyle, medical issues and emotional issues as paramount in understanding the body/ mind connection.



Multidisciplinary team approach with collaboration between an ENT Surgeon, speech pathologist and counsellor, utilising a range of skills and perspectives through open consultation.



An open minded egalitarian attitude encompassing both colleagues and patients. We aim to ensure everyone is treated equally and with respect.



Commitment of time for effective dialogue with openness to listen to and answer questions in layman’s language rather than medical jargon.

“If you treat the illness, sometimes you’ll win, sometime you’ll lose. If you treat the person you’ll win every time.” Patch Adams


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